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Hollow Tine Aeration, relieves Compaction and Sub surface thatch in your lawn, allowing correct circulation of air, water, and nutrients.

Where in your area do you find manicured turf grasses that make you green with envy?
If your mind quickly races to visions of the fairways and greens on your local golf course, you are not alone. It's not coincidence that these acres of grass remain green and healthy spring, summer and autumn. Golf course superintendents long ago learned that core aeration is a vital component in any turf care plan. Core aeration effectively "opens the pores" of compacted soils and reduces unhealthy thatch buildup. Compaction and thatch are the primary
obstacles that keep nutrients, water and air from reaching the root structure. Remember, it's the health of what's hidden below the surface that determines the appearance of the lush green lawn that we all enjoy. Water and nutrients are not intended for the green upper portion of your grass plants. Core aeration allows your irrigation and fertilizer investment to truly work for you.

Common Aeration Questions