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SERVICES - Scarification
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Scarifying is a process perhaps best described as a mechanical raking of the lawn; its primary purpose is to remove thatch from the lawn although it has associated benefits as well. The machine used has a series of sharp tungsten blades that rotate at high speed and cut into the turf in a vertical manor. The depth can be adjusted to remove as much or as little as required. This machine and process should not be confused with the typical machine available on the domestic market, which is more of a lawn rake, has much less power and limited depth penetration.
The scarification operation does remove much of the moss present on a lawn. Its objective however, is not moss removal but moss cause removal. Scarification success is not measured by moss removal but by thatch removal.

I have 2, one for the domestic garden and a tractor mounted version for the larger lawn. Collection and removal of debris available if required.  A granular feed immediately following this is strongly recommended.